Basic Seed Bread


300g Vollkornmehl

200g normales Mehl

Samen nach Wahl (Kuerbis, Sesam, Sonnenblumenkerne, Lein)

2-3 Hefe

etwas Salz

400 ml warmes Wasser



2 cup of whole grain flower

2 cup of flower

seeds of your choice (pumpkin, sesame, sun flower, lein)

2-3 packages of yeast

some salt

400ml of warm water

Collect all the ingrediences for the bread and mix them in a bowl. (except the yeast)

Make a whole in the middle and poor the water inside.

On top of the water you put in the yeast.


Mix everything with your hands or a machine. Make sure its well mixed.


The yeast helps to make the bread go big. The heavier your duff is the more yeast you need. The duff can be heavy from heavy grains like whole grain or lots of seeds.

Put the mixture back into a container and let it grow for one hour in a warm area.

After the bread went up, drop it on backing paper on your baking tray.


Make a cross on the top of the bread, so it can easier grow more big in the oven. Put it into the heated oven for 200 degrees celcius or 390 degrees fahrenheit.

Enjoy Your Meal! Guten Appetit!