Experience home made recipes, which are free from extra ordinary ingrediences, just simple, healthy and "ecologic politic correct".


Why healthy?

One aim of my blog is to cook healthy. I have been overweight almost all my life and I decided in the beginning of last year to loose weight in a sustainable weight. Hands down, if you want to loose weight, you have to learn to eat less of the bad stuff and put movement into your daily life.

Nowadays its probably the most popular way to reduce the amount of convenience products in your daily nutrition. That means to simply not eat products, which are premade or precooked. Convenience products have lots of hidden sugars, which are used to make the products more lasting.

But for your body these sugars are a desaster. First you eat sugars without knowing and probably think you eat less calories as you probably do. And second sugars making your body highly addicted. The first days you cut out sugars, your body experiences deprivation symptoms, which lead to discontent, bad temper and ravenous appetite. Even headaches are possible. Once these days are overcome, you will enjoy a new way of nutrition yourself, being more energetic and have a better well being.

With my recipes I try to prepare meals complety self made from the raw product to a full meal. I cook with lots of vegetables and full value products. Although I managed to loose weight, I am still having problems with getting full with one meal. That is simple explained. When your body learned over decades to get a lot, he needs time to change this habit. My way to fill my stomach is to have lots of vegetables included into my recipes and that is delicious too!


I hope you will enjoy visiting my recipes!


Why "Norddeutsche Rezepte" (northern german recipes)?

I started this blog as experiment, because I figured out that lots of my friends and also me, we lost the connection to saisonal and regional cropped foods, as you can get fresh vegetables in supermarket exported from all over world everyday.


Therefore in the "Norddeutsche Rezepte"-part, which means northern german recipes, you find recipes invented to be cooked out of ingrediences, you find in my local area. I learned to do traditional german meals myself and changed the recipes for popular meals like pizza and pie to be cooked with local ingrediences.
It was also a journey to learn to shop different. At home in Germany I shop on farmers markets and in grocery stores, which provide mostly regional products. You plan your shopping beforehand and end up paying less.


These pages are only in german, but on demand, I am glad to translate something for you. Feel free to look around the recipes.